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Yeni Nesil Lojistik


The founders of our company established LOGIST to provide different and quality service to the sector with their many years of experience in national and global logistics companies.

Our founders are very well known in the sector and have many awards in company success stories with customer satisfaction achieved during their professional working periods.

Since its establishment in 2017, LOGİST has been serving approximately 350 national and global customers and continues to grow day by day. Our customers who are references to LOGIST have a great contribution to the increase in the number of our customers.

Our company is a member of EKAP (Electronic Public Procurement Platform) and has participated in many government tenders and has served in very large projects.

We continue to grow in our new Class A Logistics Center with a closed area of ​​7500 m2, by starting to provide export truck loading, container filling, stock management, short and long-term storage services.


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Hibrit Hizmet Yönetimi

We act in a structure that blends the understanding of corporate governance with the functioning and expectations of trade in our country. Our customers and stakeholders see LOGIST as a corporate but fast and flexible structure.

Yük Takip Sistemi

We monitor your load instantly with our IT infrastructure and customer service team and keep you informed. For us, the transmission of information is as important as the movement of the load.

Periyodik Raporlama, KPI

We create two separate performance reports weekly and monthly for our warehouse and transportation services. If there are any problems, we develop systematic solutions and share them with our customers. When there is a problem, it is not enough for us to just apologize to our customers.

Fiyatlandırma ve Tarife

From a pallet to a truck, we offer spot or scheduled prices for all your transportation needs. For spot transport requests, our average turnaround time for price and vehicle organization is only 7 minutes. In addition to the usual standard tariffs, we can also create them according to the m3, km, express, standard delivery times that suit your business.

Self-Owned and Leased Vehicle Fleet

We have approximately 120 self-owned and rented vehicles ranging from lift vehicles to trucks. We accelerate our speed with our portfolio of over 30.000 approved sub-carriers in every point of Turkey..

Depolama Hizmetleri

We carry out stock tracking and management with WMS support in our warehouse with a capacity of 9000 pallets in a 7500 m2 closed area with and without shelves. Your stocks are safe in our warehouse, insured against all risks, with 24/7 security and closed-circuit CCTV security cameras.